Access to Clean Air, Safe Water, And Equitable Resources

Uplifting the communities we live, work and serve with the resources necessary to thrive.

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Redefining Equitable Water Access

More than 2 million Americans live without basic access to safe drinking water and sanitation, and 1.4 million of those lack plumbing. - US Water Alliance

Access to clean, safe drinking water and sanitation should not be a luxury. Our foundation is redefining what it means to have equitable water access and providing the resources necessary to ensure clean water and sanitation for underprivileged and underserved communities.

Healthy Air For All To Breathe

135 million Americans live with polluted air, placing their health and lives at risk. - American Lung Association

The vast majority of communities, globally are exposed to poor air quality on a daily basis. However, racial-ethnic minorities are often exposed disproportionately to highly-polluted air. Our mission is raise awareness of that disparity and to provide clean air solutions to those most in need.

Bringing Our Mission To Life

Read how The Rielis Mesquita Family Foundation is bringing our mission to life, helping restore healthier and more prosperous community environments for the next generation.

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Meeting The Needs of  All Underserved Communities

Rielis Mesquita, a first-generation Brazilian immigrant and founder of The RMF Foundation, believes in investing in the community he serves. Our mission is to carry out his philanthropic vision and enhance the quality of life of immigrant and underserved children and their families by providing access to the opportunities and resources they need to prosper. The Foundation's goal is to provide grants to public charities to carry out charitable purposes, donations, and scholarships to help immigrant and underserved populations in Gateway Cities in Massachusetts and throughout New England.

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RMF Foundation Quotes Left Blue

We are what we put in our bodies. Whether it’s food, water, or air – we must be conscientious because our health and wellness depend on it.

- Rielis Mesquita, Foundation President

RMF Foundation Quotes Right Blue