Rielis Mesquita And Family Of Brands Making The World A Safer Place

From water and air quality solutions, to supporting communities at a time of need, the Mesquita Family is making the world healthier place.

The RMF Foundation and Mesquita Family of Brands would like to congratulate our President and CEO, Rielis Mesquita, for receiving the honor of being one of the Top 20 Dynamic CEOs recognized by The CEO Publication. Since building his business over 30 years ago, Rielis has remained committed to his employees and the communities he serves. Our team can't wait to see the brighter future Rielis will bring.

Life's Journey To Wellness

When Rielis Mesquita lost two young brothers to contaminated drinking water supplies in Brazil, it changed him forever. Mesquita made it his mission to help people improve their lives through products and solutions that help maintain every facet of wellness.

Mesquita's first endeavor into wellness products came from his experience as a successful executive chef. This position brought Mesquita to the United States and exposed the dangers of hazardous chemicals, PFAs, and aluminum found in traditional cookware and utensils. Seeing how unhealthy these products were to cook with, Mesquita became an advocate for non-toxic, high-quality stainless steel cookware.

From Mesquita's newfound expertise in offering non-toxic cookware products to restaurants and homeowners, he ventured into clean water solutions. As Mesquita said, "We are what we put in our bodies whether it's food or water – why not start with pure water, clean and safe food." Establishing his first business Aqualite US in 1991, Mesquita began offering underserved communities and homeowners whole-home water filtration systems. 

In working with local Hispanic and Portuguese residents, Mesquita provided education into water quality issues while offering affordable solutions. Mesquita's determination to make pure and safe water available to all allowed him to build a successful company and a strong, trusted reputation.

However, little did Mesquita know that 29 years later, in 2020, a pandemic would nearly uproot his business and force a pivot to expand into new wellness ventures.

Reestablishing Business During A Global Crisis 

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit Aqualite's service regions, Mesquita saw business come to a near halt. Then with the rapid economic shifts and uncertainty, Mesquita and his Chief Operating Officer, Toly Chea, needed to focus on re-stabilizing. 

"Our water purification business had been doing well for several years," stated Chea. But, with the impending pandemic health concerns, Aqualite's technicians and water quality experts could no longer safely enter customer homes. Even with guidance passed down from Aqualite's partnership with Home Depot Home Services, Mesquita needed to figure out a safe way for his employees to "evaluate and install whole-home water treatment systems."

Mesquita thereby began seeking solutions to combat "the flu and other viruses from airborne and surface transmission." Knowing all-to-well how his grandchildren would get colds and viruses from their classmates and school environments over the years. Mesquita discovered that the key to ensuring the safety of his customers and employees was air purification.

That's when Mesquita discovered air purification systems featuring ActivePure® Technology. ActivePure®, an active air purification technology was known for rapidly reducing pathogens, and being backed by extensive efficacy testing. These portable air purification systems developed by Aerus (formerly Electrolux USA) became the focus of Mesquita's business.

Protecting Communities At A Time of Need

After quickly becoming a distribution partner for Aerus air purification systems, Mesquita began restoring his business with community safety in mind. With Aqualite's water system installations, Mesquita had every technician bring in a portable air purifier to reduce any potential viral transmission.

Reassured and comforted by the viral mitigation measures, Aqualite's customers began acquiring clean air solutions for their homes. However, Mesquita knew the greatest need for safe indoor air was with local schools and businesses. "During this time of great need, many schools and businesses were working hard to reopen safely to their community," stated Mesquita.

Mesquita saw this opportunity to help and provide expertise in restoring trust in these community spaces through air purification solutions. Building out a team of indoor air quality experts, Aqualite US began working with school districts and small businesses to implement viral mitigation controls. 

Wellness Technologies At The Core

For the Mesquita Family of Brands, high-quality wellness technologies are at the core of every solution. 

With Aqualite US, this focus drove Mesquita to offer NASA originating water treatment solutions. Developed by Puronics, Aqualite's water filtration systems incorporate patented technologies designed to eliminate bacterial growth and deliver ultra-soft and chlorine-free water. Available in a variety of systems, Aqualite US can provide every homeowner and business with a customized water quality solution.

This suite of wellness-focused technologies has allowed the Mesquita Family of Brands to provide essential water and air quality solutions to communities all over. Mesquita's employees are dedicated to promoting healthy environments and delivering continuous customer care and service at every level. This committed family of employees is making the Mesquita empire built to continue improving the world for another 30 years to come.