RMF Helps Bridge The Student Technological Gap In Home State

Contributing to the Massachusetts "Chromebooks For Kids" campaign to provide crucial remote learning access to underserved communities.

COVID-19 Widens Gap In Student Technological Resources

In school districts across the United States, underserved communities have continually faced challenges created by a gap in access to computers, internet, and technological resources. With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down schools and transitioning entire cities to remote learning, many students have been left behind in that technological gap.

In The RMF Foundation's home state of Massachusetts over 100,000 students in underserved communities face the lack of resources to participate in online learning. To help fill the technological gap, the Massachusetts Association of Schools Superintendents partnered with local radio station Kiss 108 in developing the "Chromebooks For Kids" campaign.

The Mesquita Family Gives Back

Using funds raised in collaboration with RMF's associated home water purification company, Aqualite US. The Mesquita Family was able to donate to Kiss 108's campaign and help provide Chromebook's to dozens of students. Visit the "Chromebooks for Kids" website to learn how you can help enable teachers and students to collaborate remotely.