RMF Helps The Greater Lowell YMCA Bring Clean Air Indoors

Already stretched thin in volunteers and resources, learn how The RMF Foundation helped GLYMCA meet new pandemic operational challenges.

At The Heart Of The Lowell Community

Across the United States, YMCAs have undoubtedly become the heart of every diverse and connected community. YMCAs have filled the gap in critical community services from supporting youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility programs. When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, local Y's began facing ever-changing community demands and CDC health guidelines. Already stretched thin in volunteers and resources, YMCAs had to meet new operational processes and high standards of cleanliness to provide continued access to essential services.

When COVID-19 began to take hold within the Lowell, MA community, Kevin Morrissey, Executive Director of the Greater Lowell YMCA (GLYMCA), was forced into reevaluating his facility operations. Never in over 45 years of operation did the GLYMCA have to account for rapid changes to mitigate viral transmission. Therefore, after receiving over $5 million in new grants in early 2020, Morrissey began planning renovations to ensure the GLYMCA could continue serving Lowell's growing community and be prepared to meet any future or ongoing public health matters.

Taking Action To Restore Community Services

After hearing news about the GLYMCA's initial COVID-19 struggles, The Mesquita Family, as long-time Lowell residents, decided to take action and help Morrisey. To understand more about GLYMCA's needs, Toly Chea, The RMF Foundation's Chief Operating Officer, scheduled an onsite tour of Morrissey's facilities. In the tour, Chea was provided insight into Morrissey's planning of over 12,000 square feet in renovations. From new "state-of-the-art learning centers," daycares to recreational spaces, GLYMCA was in an incredible redevelopment to future proof its community foothold.

A significant part of the planning process was Morrissey's consideration in implementing HVAC upgrades and indoor air quality controls. With The RMF Foundation's association with Aqualite, a wellness solutions company, Chea immediately knew how RMF could help. In coordination with Aqualite, RMF donated multiple commercial grade portable air purifiers for Morrissey to place throughout GLMYCA's facilities. These systems designed with high-quality HEPA Filtration and active pathogen-reducing ActivePure® Technology were the perfect solution to aiding viral mitigation. Now with portable air purification controls in every high-traffic space, GLYMCA could maintain operation and ensure their community spaces were mitigated from airborne viral transmission. Learn more about The Greater Lowell YMCA and their community services by visiting: greaterlowellymca.org