The RMF Foundation Helps Bring Healthier Air To Lowell's Displaced Families And Homeless Shelters

From the Lowell Transitional Living Center to The House of Hope, RMF is helping Lowell's homeless during COVID-19.

Like many North Eastern Cities, Lowell, Massachusetts, faces ever-growing demands on assistance programs for displaced individuals and families. For decades the Greater Lowell Area's homeless community has been supported by community-grown non-profits and organizations. Among those organizations, Lowell has had two longstanding facilities helping those in need. Between the Lowell Transitional Living Center and The House of Hope, thousands of homeless individuals have been reinstated into the community for success.

Opening The Door To Hope

Since opening its doors in December of 1985, The House of Hope (HOH) has aided Lowell's homeless families. Rooted in the organization's faith, HOH's mission is to become a "beacon of loving service for all families" who arrive at their doorstep. Over the last few decades, HOH's mission has driven its dedicated volunteers and employees to help hundreds of families re-find their ground in community life. From offering workforce training, education programs, and housing assistance, HOH has brought families in need opportunities to re-establish their economic stability.

When the pandemic first hit the Greater Lowell Area, uncertainty ensued regarding the viral spread and job security. The House of Hope remained in operation, providing essential services to the growing number of local families impacted by the COVID-19 economic fall-out. Inspired by HOH's efforts, The RMF Foundation wanted to provide safe spaces for displaced families. To understand how RMF could help, our Public Relations Director scheduled a facility tour with HOH's Associate Director, June Messina, and Director of Maintenance, LaShaun Woodliff.

June Messina and LaShaun Woodliff of Lowell House of Hope
June Messina and LaShaun Woodliff of Lowell House of Hope

Through touring HOH's beautiful 'home-away-from-home RMF determined the best deed was to help reduce airborne virus transmission and provide peace of mind to HOH's families through indoor air quality improvements. In coordination with A RMF's associated air purification company. The RMF Foundation team donated Beyond Guardian Air Purifiers to place within critical high-traffic indoor spaces. Using ActivePure® Technology, these portable air purifiers help ensure continuous protection against airborne pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19. To learn more about the House of Hope's programs and services, visit

Bringing Shelter To Those In Transition

The Lowell Transitional Living Center (LTLC) has also become an essential community shelter for homeless individuals in the Greater Lowell Area. For over 36 years, LTLC has provided multi-pillar care to promote physical, behavioral, financial, and nutritional stability. With 90 beds and onsite Case Managers, LTLC helps empower their guests and advocate for fair access to affordable housing and healthcare. After hearing about the IMF's work with the House of Hope, LTLC's Executive Director, Andrew J McMahon, reached our team for assistance.

Lowell Transitional Living Center LTC Taking Delivery of Beyond Guardian Air Purifier

In learning more about the challenges LTLC was facing, McMahon told us that "While we have all faced difficulties in these times of COVID-19, the homeless, often already with compromised health issues, have been particularly vulnerable." To help keep LTLC's guests and staff safe from pathogen exposure, RMF partnered with to donate additional Beyond Guardian Air Purification systems. Once installed into LTLC's main congregation spaces, the portable air purification systems began providing safe and clean air for LTLC's guests and staff to breathe. To learn more about the Lowell Transitional Living Center's service and programs, visit