The Story Behind The RMF Foundation And Mesquita Family of Brands

Learn how a family's focus on wellness and life quality developed multiple community serving companies.

Focused On Improving Wellness

That's what The RMF Foundation is all about. From home water filtration systems to whole-facility air purification solutions and UV-C sanitization robots. RMF's family of brands is committed to improving community wellness in all facets. "We're in the business of keeping people healthy," said CEO and President Rielis Mesquita. He came to the U.S. from Brazil 30 years ago to improve the lives of his family and face new opportunities.

Mesquita's focus on wellness began early in life when he lost two of his brothers in Brazil to viruses present in the local water supply. Over the last 30 years, this journey has led Mesquita to help improve the wellness of all lives around him. Starting as Chef, Mesquita became an advocate for non-toxic cookware. After learning about the dangers of PFAs and PFOAs in traditional non-stick pots and pans, Mesquita sought to provide restaurants and families with safe, chemical-free cookware.

Then in 1991, Mesquita founded Aqualite US, a company focused on delivering clean water solutions to homeowners and businesses impacted by water quality problems. Initially servicing the Greater Boston Area, Aqualite US has grown to cover over seven states across the North-Eastern corridor.

Rielis Mesquita CEO and President of The RMF Foundation and Mesquita Family of Brands

Clean Air Solutions For Safer Communities

Before the COVID-19 pandemic grabbed the public's attention, Aqualite US had begun offering premium air purification systems to homeowners and current customers. With the pandemic's continued expanding focus on indoor air quality issues.

Aqualite offers a variety of portable air purification systems featuring HEPA Filtration, UV-C PCO Technology, and ActivePure® Technology. From high-volume systems such as the Aerus Beyond Guardian Air to the compact Aerus Pure and Clean.

Giving Back At Every Step

For The RMF Foundation and the Mesquita Family of brands, giving back is essential for every success.

Since the pandemic's onset, RMF has observed life quality impacts to communities of all socioeconomic statuses. With the increasing demand for food banks, housing, and health services, community organizations are stretched thin on funding and support.

The RMF Foundation is dedicated to supporting these underserved populations by providing the necessary resources to improve the lives of families and individuals in need.

From clean water and air filtration systems to scholarships for helping communities bridge the financial and education gap. The RMF Foundation is setting its sights on reinvesting into the commonwealth to drive wellness, success, and a healthier future.